Custom AC Window Vent Kit for Horizontal Window
ac window vent cover
mira thunder nova vent window
laser cutter venting fumes through window vent insert

Custom AC Window Vent Kit for Horizontal Sliding Window

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A durable and elegant solution for venting out a vertical window. A clear window insert is perfect for venting a portable air conditioner, laser cutter / laser engraver, grow tent, basement venting, clothes dryers, and any other application that requires venting out the window.

Window inserts include a universal hose adapter that is pre-installed to make hose hookup a breeze. Just specify your hose type and size when ordering.

- Ships in 3-5 business days (shipping is FREE)

- Custom cut to your exact window size (provide length at checkout)

- Standard widths: 8" tall for 4" hoses / 10" tall for 6” hoses

- Precision CNC machined for accuracy  

- Made from durable 1/4" clear acrylic

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