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A Solution for Every Portable AC Unit

Do you have a single hose LG portable air conditioner? No problem.

How about a dual hose Hisense portable AC? Piece of cake.

What about the unique hose-in-hose design found on models like the Midea Duo? Yep!


Single Hose


Dual Hose



Having worked with thousands of customers we've been exposed to a wide variety of portable air conditioners and have created vents for every one of them!

The quick-attach twist-lock vent is our own design that we manufacture in house which means that we control the whole system for a tailored fit. This also means that we have the ability to make custom one-off vents if you have a unique hose size or situation.

LG Portable AC unit in casement window

“My A/C came with a hose of a rather unusual diameter and Martinson Manufacturing was able to custom fashion an adapter which has no leaks whatsoever.” - Dylan S (7/11/2023)

Our vents have been extensively engineered for ease of use and strong airtight connections between your hose and the plexiglass window panel. No more leaks and inefficient cooling. 

If your unit uses the hose-in-hose design like the Midea Duo, instead of supplying you with a twist-on vent, we make a precise laser-cut cutout for the hose to snap into.

Only the most common sizes (5.9 and 5.1) are listed on our order form. If you have a different hose size than what’s available, just choose “Other” and specify your hose size in the notes.

How to determine your hose size.

1. Remove any current vent/adapter on the end of your hose

2. Measure the outside diameter of the bare hose