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Our Story

Martinson Manufacturing originally started as an exhaust venting solutions business for laser cutter/engraving machines. Joe used his YouTube channel to market his products and help people with their exhaust venting issues.

In 2019 Joe invented a hose adapter that helped a machine vent its exhaust more efficiently. This product as well as two other subsequent designs of his helped solve a huge venting issue customers were having. They sold over 10,000 units in the first three years and became some of the highest rated products on Amazon.

In 2022 Joe developed and began selling his window vent kits in order to solve another exhaust venting need. The goal was for Martinson Manufacturing to be a one-stop shop for exhaust venting solutions.

By 2023 the demand for Martinson Manufacturing's window inserts became so great that they completely shifted the direction of the company to focus exclusively on custom ac window kits.

Martinson Manufacturing has spent 1,000's of hours designing and refining their product and processes in order to maximize the value they offer to their customers. The most common phrase you'll find in their product reviews is "perfect fit."

"Since 2019, I've never had a single interest in just selling plastic parts to people. They can get a piece of plastic somewhere else. What I am interested in, however, is designing highly refined, elegant solutions that fit perfect, are easy to use and offer incredible value to the customer." - Joe Martinson