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Custom Portable AC Window Kit for Sliding Window

**Sliding windows do not utilize the same window screen replacement method as hinged windows. See video under main product image to see how it works.

Vent your equipment efficiently and elegantly. Our crystal clear Portable AC Window Kits are specifically designed to vent portable air conditioners out sliding windows. These window vent kits are CNC machined out of very durable 1/4” acrylic (plexiglass) and are custom cut to fit your window perfectly. Each order comes with a quick attach vent system that locks into the panel to create a better window seal and make hose hookup a breeze. Our window inserts for exhaust venting can also be used for a host of other exhaust venting needs. Our plexiglass panels come in standard 12" widths. 

How to Use

A durable and elegant solution for venting out a horizontal sliding window. A clear window insert is perfect for venting a portable air conditioner, laser cutter / laser engraver, grow tent, basement venting, clothes dryers, and any other application that requires venting out the window.

Product Details

Custom cut to your exact window size.
Precision CNC machined for accuracy.
Made from durable 1/4" clear acrylic.

Our Return Policy

Custom Window Inserts have a 50% refund policy.

All non custom items are eligible for a 100% refund. Fill out our form on our Contact page to start an order return.

Measuring & Options