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Custom AC Window Vent Kit for Vertical Sliding Window

Custom AC Window Vent Kit for Vertical Sliding Window

Window inserts come with a quick detach hose adapter to make hose hookup a breeze. Just specify your hose type and size when ordering.

How to Use

A durable and elegant solution for venting out a vertical sliding window. A clear window insert is perfect for venting a portable air conditioner, laser cutter / laser engraver, grow tent, basement venting, clothes dryers, and any other application that requires venting out the window.

Product Details

Custom cut to your exact window size.
Precision CNC machined for accuracy.
Made from durable 1/4" clear acrylic.

Shipping & Delivery

See top red banner for current lead times (shipping is FREE for most U.S. orders)

We ship to Canada! (Ground is usually free. Priority is $54)

Our Return Policy

Custom Window Inserts have a 50% refund policy.

All non custom items are eligible for a 100% refund. Fill out our form on our Contact page to start an order return.

Custom Products

Send an email to and let's have a conversation about what you need. 

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Measuring & Options

  • Hose Sizes

    To determine your hose size, measure the outside diameter of your hose.

  • Hose Types

    What hose you are using will determine what hose adapter is included in with your insert. There are two main hose types: dryer ducting hoses, and more rigid pvc style hoses (used for portable air conditioners).

  • Vent Types

    Every window insert comes with our standard vent which allows for easy hookup but does not offer protection from the outside elements. Our premium vent offers premium protection from the outside elements by featuring self closing louvers and a bug screen to keep out the critters.

  • Hole Placement

    To maintain structural integrity, vent holes are placed at least 2” from each edge.

Measuring and Installation

Recent Customer Testimonials

  • Janelle T.

    I love how classy it makes it look. Better than a piece of wood that molds over time.

  • Kevin M.

    There is NO smell now, even with both lasers running, didn’t think I’d ever be able to say that.

  • Cynthia F.

    We received the inserts and wanted to let you know that everything from their construction to the packaging was absolutely flawless!

Made with Care

Martinson Manufacturing is a home-based family business in West Bend, Wisconsin whose mission is to create meticulous exhaust venting solutions to eliminate headaches and simplify people's lives.

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